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The Sound from your iPhone is average at best. There are many ways to improve the sound including using headphones, electronic remote speaker, cupping your hand over the speaker on the edge, placing it in a cup or holding it close to your ear. But what if there was a simpler, better way to improve the sound utilizing the case of your phone.

Since most devices have one or both speakers placed on the edge, the sound propagates away from your ears. As the sound waves move through the environment away from you, the sound reflects off of nearby surfaces one or more times before it finally reaches your ears. Depending on the distance the sound travels before reaching your ears and the amount of absorption the sound encounters at surfaces it hits, the level of sound actually reaching your ears could be significantly less than when it left the phone.

What if the sound from the phone could be directed towards you? A little known fact about the iPhone 7 and 8 is that the sound from the output of the right channel is directed towards you, from the right speaker in the ear piece at the top of the phone. But the output of the left channel comes out of the speaker located on the bottom edge and moves away from you. When you watch video content on your phone the video is directed towards your eyes so it only makes sense that all of the audio, both left and right channels, is directed towards your ears.

The new Sondare Megaphone case is specifically designed to provide this. It uses scientific, passive acoustic principles to boost the output level, direct the sound from the edge speaker towards you, and provides smoothing to improve clarity. This not only improves listening to music and phone calls but also greatly improves the video streaming experience. Given that we are increasing the usage of our phones and tablets to watch TV shows, movies and sporting events, having improved audio will greatly benefit our experience. By having improved sound built into the case eliminates the use of cups, cupping our hand, Bluetooth speakers, wires, batteries, or headphones.

The Sondare Megaphone protective case allows you to take great sound with you anywhere, anytime.

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